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The 1 year high share price is 37.50p while the 1 year low share price is currently 20.25p. The aforementioned share guru for instance, would much rather watch the share price plummet, but plummet in the hands of someone he trusts, rather than watch the share price rise, in the hands of someone others tell him not to trust.

The Government claims that switching to nickel-plated stainless steel would save £7million a year.

The new coins are 11 per cent thicker, increasing from 1.7mm in depth to 1.9mm, and will not be recognised by meters, public phones and vending machines.

The Treasury has decided to introduce the new coins despite claims that the move could cost the vending industry as much as £100million.

It could also lead to higher council tax bills as local authorities face huge costs in modifying parking meters. The coins currently used are made from the nickel and copper alloy cupro-nickel, which has become more expensive in recent years as the price of copper has risen.

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