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Instructors needing to reproduce Publications for class room use must use this form.

Some Brie-head interviewed over here at Shatter Colors Literary Review. (Those that don’t drink beer I maybe never meet.) Possibly we attend different conferences? Then Robert Scott Leyse reveals his true internal thrumming, as he drops the dark and stormy nights of his intellect onto flash fiction. Why not doll them up in fancy terminology — call them ‘flash fiction,’ ‘flashers,’ or ‘impromptus’ — and persuade people they’re real stories? Seuss, Jaroslav Hasek, Samule Beckett, Jeff Noon, Matt Bell, Aesop, Deb Olen Unferth, Patricia Highsmith, Emily Bronte, Franz Kafka, Italo Calvino, John Updike, Jill Christman, Julian Barnes, Richard Wright, Sherman Alexie, Sara Teasdale, Shane Jones, Diane Williams, Jesus H. What’s next, you start valuing other forms of brevity, like say oysters, shots of bourbon, sudden kisses, short films, or the well-cut diamond? Flash fiction is to a writing exercise as a haiku is to a pretzel. Never before have the American people had their noses so deeply in one another’s business.

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Davis charted many of his own songs on the country, and pop charts such as "Baby Don't Get, harmonica player for the Crook Brothers, died at age 89.

Step-By-Step Step 1: Hold a medicine ball (or dumbbell) in both hands.

Squat and twist left to hold the medicine ball on the outside of your left leg. Control the weight back up to the starting position to complete one rep. Step 3: Bring the ball back to the starting point without bending the elbows.

If you notice a particular publication missing from the publication explorer or you would like to comment on a particular publication, feel free to use the feedback form.

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