Updating boot camp graphics drivers

The important Apple drivers which Windows invariably doesn't have updates for are Facetime camera, Apple keyboard/trackpad/mouse, and the IR receiver.

Beyond these you can update any drivers that MS has to offer through Windows Update, and I've had no issues with downloading video drivers directly from n Vidia.

I recommend you use this supported driver at this time.

However, the steps described below should still work if you want to make sure you have the latest and greatest unsupported driver from AMD for your Radeon R9-based Mac.

A good example is the trackpad which simply doesn’t operate as smoothly as under Mac OSX.

This isn’t because Windows is a less good Operating System, it’s simply Apple supplying drivers and support software this is less good.

The AMD Display Drivers as supplied with Boot Camp are instable leading to “Display driver stopped responding” messages.

I see my Nvidia card's support software always says new update available.

Is it safe to update drivers from Nvidia site, some other sites(for other drivers) or Apple releases special type of drivers for there hardware and only those will be supported?

I wish AMD and Apple would update their official drivers more frequently, but at least we still have an option to update unofficially on our own.

If you purchased a Mac Book Pro Retina 15″ model this year after late May, you may have purchased the model with the AMD Radeon R9 M370X discrete graphics processor.

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